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What is the biological spectrum?

What is the biological spectrum?


Before we understand what the concept of biological spectrum is, we must first understand what electromagnetic waves are.
From a scientific point of view, electromagnetic waves are themselves a kind of energy. Any object that can release energy will release electromagnetic waves. Electromagnetic waves are ubiquitous, colorless, odorless, and odorless, so people can't see them. This is just like people have been living in the air, but their eyes can't see the air.

With the development of science and technology, humans have conducted more in-depth research on electromagnetic waves: any object, as long as the temperature is higher than absolute zero (-273 ° C), is constantly releasing energy in the form of electromagnetic waves.

The organisms radiate electromagnetic waves, and scientific experiments have also proved that living organisms are themselves a natural source of energy and information, that is, an object that can release energy and information, in its living state, every moment. All of them emit a variety of characteristic biophysical information fields that are closely related to life in the form of electromagnetic waves. The electromagnetic spectrum that reflects the frequency and light waves of the biophysical information of the organism itself is the biological spectrum. The existence and change of this biophysical information of the biological spectrum is closely related to the functional state of the organism itself, and can also reflect the health status of the organism.

The study found that the biological spectrum has broadband characteristics, and the electromagnetic waves emitted by the organism range between millimeter waves and micrometer waves. The biological spectrum of the human body is a special band in the electromagnetic spectrum of a wide range in nature.