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The usage of TDP lamp LY-607

The usage of TDP lamp LY-607


        1. According to the requirements of the treatment of the lamp, refer to this manual to use the legend to illuminate.
        2.  The use of the lamp when the treatment of the first direct exposure to  the face of the selected parts, and treatment of surface fit; exposure  site completely exposed the best, but to avoid the wind and cold; on  non-irradiated parts of the warm, clothes.
        3. Irradiation distance generally feel mild to the affected  area, comfortable is appropriate (the skin surface is about 38 ℃ -40 ℃).
        4.  Usually a day exposure (but also many times), each irradiation time is  generally not less than 30 minutes, deep lesions may be appropriate to  extend the time. Usually seven days for a course of treatment should generally be 3-5 consecutive treatment.
        5. The instrument and drugs (especially coated drugs) at the  same time, usually can increase the absorption of drugs, but should pay  attention to observe the side effects of drugs.
        6. Effective time is usually due to indications and conditions  vary, the treatment effect and treatment frequency, exposure time,  method of operation.
        7.  Individual patients with radiation when the ants go. Hot Ma. Hypnosis  or symptoms of short-term slightly aggravated phenomena such as class,  although the response is normal, but still need to observe the use of  timely consultation with the doctor, in order to avoid adverse effects .
        8. Avoid direct exposure to the eye.
        9. ulcerated body surface, the choice of weak irradiation is appropriate.
       10. The elderly. Minors. Disabled persons and other use, someone in the side care.
       11. Those who have more serious diseases need to consult a doctor before use.
       12. Outside the scope of the application of the disease patients, under the guidance of a doctor for treatment.