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The range of advancement of China medical ranking 3rd of the world

The range of advancement of China medical ranking 3rd of the world


Recently, authoritative medical journalThe Lancetpublished “The ranking list of global medical quality”, relate to 195 countries and regions. China medical quality world ranking 113rd in 1990, now world ranking up to 61 st. China medical services accessibility and quality is one of the 5 largest range of advancement countries in the world. Among the 5 countries, the range of advancement of China is the 3rd.

It’s not easy to obtain such achievement of China, the medical health expenditure of our country take up the proportion of gross domestic product (GDP) reach 5.6% in 2013, ranking 117th among 187 world ranking countries and regions, less than a fraction of the United States, less than a half of some European countries, but input effect far away larger than US and European countries. We can image how hardworking to acquire such achievement.

China control and prevention center associate director, Liang Xiaofeng point out, “ the index of our country medical quality ranking in the middle of the world so far, there’s advance space. However, improve medical quality continues to face arduous tasks.” We need to construct a more perfect medical system that integrates prevention and control.