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Moxibustion Lamp usage

Moxibustion Lamp usage


How to use Moxibustion Lamp in a correct way ?

(1) Plug the power cord into the power outlet and open the rear power switch.

(2) Adjust the control panel "+", "-" button, adjust the time or temperature.

(3) Press the "On / Off" button on the control panel to start the device.

(4) Click the red light switch button, there is red light injection.

(5) After 3-5 minutes warm up, the temperature is about 180 ° C, the fan starts,

Moxibustion treament head should be hot air blowing.

(6) During using the machine, we need to observe whether there is abnormal sound or not, with or without smell.

Make sure above all condictions are well before using.