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Moxibustion lamp Product maintenance

Moxibustion lamp Product maintenance


What notes we need to care of Leawell moxibustion lamp? How can we maintain of moxibustion lamp machine?

1. When the instrument is not suitable for use, the storage should be taken to avoid exposure, dust and humidity.

2. Any wire copper wire exposed should be immediately prohibited to use, need immediate repair.

3. Do not use sharp items to scratch the power cord to prevent leakage hazards.

4. Moxa cake can be only used for 90 minutes.

5. After using the instrument for three months, should check whether the spindle is loose,if loose can be adjusted according to the icon.

6. After using the instrument for some time, please check whether there is abnormal parts of the instrument, if any, please repair or contact Leawell official maintenance service center.