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Moxibustion lamp (Remote control)

Moxibustion lamp (Remote control)
Moxibustion lamp (Remote control)
  • Moxibustion lamp (Remote control)
  • Moxibustion lamp (Remote control)
  • Moxibustion lamp (Remote control)
  • Moxibustion lamp (Remote control)
  • Moxibustion lamp (Remote control)

Moxibustion lamp (Remote control)



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China, Guangdong
Security type
Class Ⅰ B type
Supply Ability
1000 pcs
Product Certification
ISO CE Technology Paten
Product feature

Moxibustion lamp is a China medical moxibustion therapy device, a new high-tech physical equiement with non-smoke, non-pollution, safe multi-functional, use electric heating moxa effective on human body. Moxibustion lamp widely used in beauty salons, experience stores, health clubs.

Timing mode
1-90 min
Product name: Moxibustion lamp(Remote control)
Product Type: Moxibution therapy device
Product Specifications: 360x1300mm
Packing size: 830x270x400mm
Rated voltage : AC 110V 120V 220V 230V
Rated power: 160W
Frequency: 50/60 HZ
Application: Rehabilitation Centre, Clinics, beauty parlor, experience store, health care center
Treatment site: cervical vertebra /shoulder/lumbar vertebra /knee-joint
Net weight: 13.8 KG

Red light moxibustion lamp is essential to health care. Leawell electronic moxibustion lamp origin from China age-old moxibution therapy. It overcomes the problems as smoke, fire, pollution, unsafe and unconvenient operation of traditional moxibution therapy, become a new design with non- smoke, no fire, no pollution, apply electric equipment control that use convenient and safe. Moxibustion lamp through electric heating moxa, release the active ingredient of Chinese herbal medicine moxa oil, through the medrian acupoint effect on human body base on Chinese medicine medrian theory, achieve effect of clearing dampness and coldness, enrich and nourishing the blood, warm nourishing the meridian. Electronic moxibustion lamp good for each age of health care, children with fever and physical weakness, the elderly waist, leg, shoulder and neck pain, women uterus cold, physical fatigue etc, apply to moxibustion lamp.


Leawell obtain moxibustion science technology, we are profession moxibustion lamp manufacturer.

Infrared heating film 180 degrees high temperature quickly make moxa cake ionization, the ionization state of moxa medicine can be quickly absorbed by human body, overcome the disadvantage of traditional smoked moxibustion.

The red light is mainly 600~700μm red light wave band that visible, the wave band has a chemical effect on the organisms, the mitochondria in the cells absorb maximum of red light, so that produce an important biological effect.


Leawell moxibustion lamp factory research new upgrade type red light moxibustion lamp, improve and upgrade the extrinsic feature design, product material, usage operation, customer experience, combine Chinese medicine traditional moxibustion therapy with modern science technology, together far infrared heating, wireless remote control, intelligent touch key board, intelligent timing and temperature, smoke-free technological moxibustion, humanized storage design, environmental, safe, easy operation etc advantages in one device, the new generation multifunctional moxibustion lamp is the best health care device intelligent moxibustion therapy device.    

1. Warm up 3-5 minutes before using far infrared lamp.

2. Irradiation site be exposed when doing therapy.

3. Irradiate 1-2 times each day, healthcare 1 time, don't over 30 mintues once.

4. Irrradiation distance 3-15 cm, affected area should feel confortable.

Core technology

10 years household medical device research and development manufacturer

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