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America customer visited Leawell for lumbar traction belt cooperation

America customer visited Leawell for lumbar traction belt cooperation


In November 21st, America customer visited Leawell for inspection and negotiation. The company president Mr.Li and oversea market department Ms.Meng received the customer in person.

America is the freely and huge traded market, the customer came here mainly focus on Leawell new hot product lumbar traction belt and plan to push in USA market. The model is the first to using intelligent electric pump in domestic, get rid of the traditional manual pumping mode, 16 speed intelligent injection air mode, intelligent charging and discharging gas evenly, protect the lumbar spine, to avoid second damage. Leawell lumbar traction belt using high-grade, comfortable, safe material processing, simple and convenient operation, patients can operated automatically.

They met customer in the meeting room, introduced Leawell factory production capacity and export capability, then bought customer visited production workshop, R & D room and sample room, introduced lumbar traction belt production and operation in detail. Leawell lumbar traction belt got the America customer's praise and sign the order on the spot.