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Let live broadcast become the new hot spot of LEAWELL channel

Let live broadcast become the new hot spot of LEAWELL channel


Live streaming has fully exploded in e-commerce, new media, and penetrated into the daily life of consumers. In the vast market space, it is not a patent for online celebrities and celebrities to live streaming products. It has absolute product talk and price For most manufacturers with advantages, acting as an anchor for their own products can give consumers a deeper sense of experience and trust, and allow consumers to buy more valuable products. In particular, Lingyuan is a health product and product line. Covering spectrum treatment instrument series, magic lamp treatment instrument series, infrared treatment instrument series, and intermediate frequency treatment instrument series are all high-value products. Some pictures and text alone cannot express the connotation of the product more deeply. It can display products in multiple dimensions, from product principles, product functions, product installation operations, product after-sales services and other links to a 360-degree display. It also allows consumers to see the production line process and product internal fasteners.

Live broadcast is a big wind catalyzed by the epidemic, and companies large and small are doing live broadcast. Therefore, live broadcast has become an extremely important marketing strategy for enterprises, and it is also a more intuitive and personal dialogue platform for consumers. Ling Yuan also stood on the live broadcast at the same time. For the big health industry, let Lingyuan live broadcast become the new hot spot of Lingyuan channel.