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2018 The summary of Leawell Rehabilitation physiotherapy equipments

2018 The summary of Leawell Rehabilitation physiotherapy equipments


With the advent of social aging, which also indicates that the elderly industry is a huge cake, this is a promising sunrise industry.


Leawell is a manufacturer specialized in R & D and manufacture of home medical devices. Combined traditional Chinese medicine theory and modern science technology, devoted to researching and developing elderly rehabilitation treatment, health care, and experience products. Products obtain national medical device “permission” and a number of national patents, the EU medical device CE certification, most for the hospital for the rehabilitation and chronic diseases. The current best-selling products on the market are: far infrared lamp, TDP lamp, moxibustion apparatus, lumbar traction belt, laser treatment device, low frequency treatment instrument, Meridian physiotherapy device.


一、Modern health care moxibustion lamp

 Moxibustion lamp in our country more than 2,000 years of history, the treatment effect has been confirmed by numerous clinical practice. Leawell combine ancient Chinese moxibustion therapy with modern technology develop red moxibustion apparatus and mini impulse moxibustion device, meet different customers requirements.

Leawell moxibustion lamp through electric heating moxa, use of traditional Chinese medicine meridian principle, so that the oil and other active ingredients of Chinese herbal released through the meridian acupoint effect on the human body, to dampness and cold, nourishing qi and blood, warm meridian effect.


二、Meridian physiotherapy device

Leawell Meridian physiotherapy device set five Chinese physiotherapy curative effect: cupping, scraping, Tuina, massage, warm moxibustion. At the same time with the special preparation of the use of essential oils on the human body to conduct a comprehensive meridian physiotherapy.


Leawell Meridian physiotherapy device is a high viscosity, high conversion, fee-based service model of the instrument to meet the health needs of customers, easy to operate easy to use, free manpower, without having to spend additional training costs, save manpower costs, high profit points. An instrument is equivalent to having 10 professional Chinese medicine practitioners.


三、Far infrared therapy device

According to the survey data, more than 95% of the middle-aged and elderly people are suffering from various chronic diseases. Chronic diseases are formed through long-term accumulation and require long-term health care. Leawell has been committed to the development of medical devices research, Leawell's core technologies and products: spectrum therapy equipment, used for rehabilitation of chronic diseases in hospitals and home care in daily life, through a specific irradiation of an affected part or point, through Irradiation transforms electromagnetic energy into bio-energy which is easily absorbed by the human body. Based on the principle of matching absorption, "bio-thermal effect" and "non-thermal effect" are generated in the lesion to promote metabolism, promote blood circulation, analgesic and anti-inflammatory, and improve immunity.