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Leawell persist in technology R & D, achieve technology innovation

Leawell persist in technology R & D, achieve technology innovation


Recently years, aging gradually increasing, people more and more take care of healthy, the requirement of household health care medical device increased by common people. As a medical device manufacturer we need to continually develop and create new medical devices base on industry development,satisfied diversify medical requirement of people, strengthen R & D efforts, bring reliable quality, usage simple and easy medical devices to people.


Leawell technology focus on make household therapy device to “Small household appliances ”, infiltrate into every family, people can enjoy the convenience of health care, no need waste time on the road to health care club, doing health care at home anytime, more economic, one Leawell home therapy device, the whole family can use.


In 2017, our company and The Physics and Opto Electronics Engineering Academe of Guangdong University of Technology together research and developed home use far infrared therapy device successfully. This far infrared therapy device adopt bionics principle combine with advanced electronic technology, transfer the electromagnetic energy to the biological energy that human body easy to absorb by irradiating, based on the principle of absorption matching, produce "bio-thermal effect" and "non-thermal effect"on wounded part, effect directly into the cell, forming bioactive substance histamine and acetylcholine, so achieve the effect that promote metabolism, promote blood circulation, improve body immunity, to achieve purpose of disease curing and preventing.


Leawell far infrared therapy device applicate to internal surgery, gynecology, pediatrics and neurology, it is of great significance in medical care and prevention of disease. Far infrared therapy device curative effect remarkable, operation simple, application extensive, performance reliable, usage safe, structure reasonable, etc, especially for home health care. Leawell far infrared therapy device as a good assistant of household health care, doing therapy at home anytime, no need profession expert to control, operation simple, attract many family.


Leawell persist in technology R & D from founded, focus on technology innovation, use technology innovation,bring to people better therapy effect and more convenient customer experience.