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Leawell make the next 10 years with belief of “Product is King”

Leawell make the next 10 years with belief of “Product is King”


Leawell medical technology come to 10 years anniversary.


The general manager Mr. Li Renyu said in his speech at the celebration of 10th anniversary, since the establishment of Leawell, encountered many difficulties but never give up, has been adhering to the goal of "create the first brand of Chinese rehabilitation instrument”, a ten years before is times of product development + marketing is king, the next ten years will be times of product innovation + product is king, the general manager pointed out, the future development take products for weight, pay attention to product quality, product development and technology innovation. At the same time, Leawell must cultivate an excellent team of target firm, dare to struggle and combat to work, and constantly improve the level of management and make family member of company struggle high efficiency, the next ten years, Leawell will rapid develop and expand.


Ten years development cannot without all the staff struggle and dedication. Take the Leawell 10th anniversary summary report on the occasion, awarded employee who worked over 5 years and over 8 years in the company. Many years ago, this group of lovely people gathered in Leawell, and grew with Leawell, then struggle with challenge and problem, thankful for their selfless dedication.

In the past, we were trekking in the wind and rain, in the future, we create brilliant. On the road to future development, Leawell all colleagues will not forget the early heart, temper forward, hand in hand, concentrated force, and strive to “create the first brand of Chinese rehabilitation instrument”. With a high sense of social responsibility, with a positive, enthusiastic, professional services to every family of the world, practice to promote the development of human health care business.