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Leawell far infrared treatment deivce, easy handle equipment

Leawell far infrared treatment deivce, easy handle equipment


Leawell far infrared treatment deivce, easy handle equipment
Physiotherapy  is the use of physical factors in the sound of light water-cooled  electric heating, the use of principles of human physiology principles  of treatment, painless, no obvious side effects of the characteristics  of the doctors and patients welcomed. Mainly for the human body local or systemic dysfunction or  disease, the appropriate non-invasive, non-drug treatment to deal with  patients with physical discomfort and pain treatment, so as to restore  its original physiological function.
Electromagnetic therapy instrument is based on the work of the  specific electromagnetic spectrum of radiation under the physical  information to stimulate the body's basic particle resonance in the  lesions produce heat and biochemical reactions at the same time regulate  the body's bio-electric field to improve the pathological conditions  and restore dynamic balance.
Electromagnetic  wave treatment device by the specific electromagnetic radiation on the  body fluids and tissues, can enrich the function of phagocytic enhanced  to accelerate the absorption of inflammatory products, promote tissue  recovery, improve the body's immune system, anti-inflammatory analgesic  function. Effect  on the nerve endings, can reduce the excitability, relaxation of muscle  tissue, relieve muscle spasms, analgesic effect of sleep. Role in the local tissue blood vessels, can speed up the blood circulation, metabolism, strong Shujin blood function. And thus has anti-inflammatory, swelling, pain, diarrhea, sleep,  improve microcirculation, promote metabolism, enhance tissue recovery  and regeneration function of the function.
Leawell electromagnetic therapy instrument in the Department of internal  medicine, pediatrics and neurology have been widely used, for health  care and prevention of disease are of great significance. The  therapeutic apparatus has the characteristics of obvious curative  effect, simple operation, wide application, reliable performance, safe  use and reasonable structure, which has been accepted and understood by  more and more users. At home can be done at any time treatment, easy to use.