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Leawell Far infrared therapy instrument to lead the health trend

Leawell Far infrared therapy instrument to lead the health trend


Leawell Far infrared therapy instrument to lead the health trend
Frozen shoulder, cervical spondylosis, when it comes to these two diseases that most people are not unfamiliar. In  modern work and lifestyle, especially computer office workers, cervical  spondylosis, shoulder disease incidence is getting higher and higher,  and constantly younger. Many people mistakenly believe that early cervical spondylosis does not matter, as long as the control symptoms on the line. As  everyone knows, medical research found that the intermittent onset of  cervical spondylosis from light to heavy, it is the most dangerous  signal of deterioration of cervical disease, severe and even lead to  paralysis. As  the domestic health care industry Ling Yuan spectrum to meet people's  service needs as a starting point, developed to adapt to all cervical  spine, shoulder spectrum therapeutic apparatus, so that people can enjoy  the spectrum at home treatment for everyone with To the health effects.
Over  the years, Leawell always adhere to the innovation of medical  equipment, public health benefits, promote health culture, spread  spectrum concept, the health, love, filial piety in the end to the  concept of enterprise development and promotion of products and launch  "expert guidance" In the industry influential, coupled with its commitment to  "the most professional home health care" career determination, over the  years to help many people embarked on a health care road, to win the  support and pursuit of everyone.
Leawell "Far infrared therapy instrument" is the use of far-infrared spectrum  on human subcutaneous deep tissue activation of cells, the role of the  human shoulder and neck, can produce good biomedical effects, can  improve local blood circulation, promote swelling subsided, lower muscle  Tension, relieve muscle spasms, analgesic and so on. At the same time, Ling Yuan spectrum in the design and  manufacture of the combination of ergonomics, for cervical spondylosis,  frozen shoulder, neck and shoulder soft tissue injury have a good role  in adjuvant therapy.
A  lot of people used Lingyuan spectrum treatment instrument that the  effect is really good, the original often slow down the pain of cervical  spondylosis, and won many patients with cervical vertebral disease  reputation and reputation. Today,  the Chinese New Year, whether it is to send a friend or honor their  parents, nothing can be more valuable than a healthy sincerity.