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How to use moxa cake?

How to use moxa cake?


Moxa lamp moxa cake usage

Use the tweezers to place the cakes on the heated hearth (warning: do not touch the heated hearth)

A cake for the best effective use of time for 90 minutes, it is recommended to use 60 minutes after the cake and then continue to use 30 minutes, the better effect.

(1) Open the moxibustion head to rotate the lid and turn the rotary cover away.  

(2) Lift the insulation cover up. 

(3) Using tweezers to remove the cake, put into the heating body,match the hole on the cake and heating body pillars to maintain good contact.  

(4) Place the insulation cover in the groove and close the rotary cover.  

Moxa lamp energy cloth usage

The energy skirt are set in the moxibustion head cover, the skirt naturally drooping.