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The financing situation of life health industry in first half year of 2017

The financing situation of life health industry in first half year of 2017


Life health industry mainly refer to industry related to people's physical and mental health, including life health manufacturing and health services. The health manufacturing industry including Bio technology products, biological medicine, medical devices, nutrition and health care products, fitness equipment and rehabilitation equipment; health services including medical services, health management, rehabilitation care, health care, fitness and so on.


The aging of the population, policy driven, industry technology and the requirement of people pursuit health promote the healthy development industry of our country. According to the report data show that China's life health industry scale is 1 trillion and 800 billion RMB in 2012, has reached to 3 trillion and 200 billion RMB in 2016.


According to the investment and financing of public disclosure data show that, the first half year of 2017 domestic life health industry disclosure 179 sums financing, clearly disclosed financing amount 104 sums, involving an amount of 19 billion 362 million RMB, the average single financing about 186 million RMB. There are 35 sums single financing over 100 million RMB, over 1 billion RMB financing 4 sums. Artificial intelligence, accurate medical (molecular diagnosis, targeted therapy), POCT, non-public medical etc. are industry financing keywords for the first half year of 2017.


From the life and health industry segments, the financing quantity of medical services industry always more than 50%. H1 medical services industry disclosure financing 105 times in 2017, take total financing quantity about 58.66%. In addition ,  pharmaceutical and medical device industry disclosure the number of financing sums has increased than two years ago.