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Good news! Lingyuan Medical Technology won the title of high-tech enterprise!

Good news! Lingyuan Medical Technology won the title of high-tech enterprise!


Science is an important internal driving force for development. High-tech enterprises refer to the development of new fields through science and technology or scientific inventions, or innovative operations in existing fields. In China, high-tech enterprises generally refer to those that continue to conduct research and development and the transformation of technological achievements within the scope of the "High-tech Fields Supported by the State" promulgated by the state to form the core independent intellectual property rights of the enterprise and carry out business activities based on this Enterprises are knowledge-intensive and technology-intensive economic entities.

       Innovation is the fundamental driving force for enterprise development. The high-tech enterprise identification policy is a guiding policy. The purpose is to guide enterprises to adjust the industrial structure, take the development path of independent innovation and continuous innovation, stimulate the enthusiasm of independent innovation, and improve technological innovation capabilities.

2020 is the year for Lingyuan to become a weather vane and the first year of corporate transformation. It is a year for the improvement of corporate productivity, a landmark year for companies to move toward scientific research and technology, and a year for product enhancement and new product development. In terms of biology and new medical technology in the eight major technical fields of the country, achievements have been made in subdivided medical instrument technology, equipment and medicine, and have been recognized by authoritative departments, and have been issued by the Guangdong Provincial Department of Science and Technology, the Department of Finance, and the Taxation Bureau. "High-tech Enterprise" title. Enhance corporate brand image, enjoy preferential tax reduction and exemption policies, increase corporate market value, increase corporate capital value, and so on. As well as spurring Lingyuan’s corporate innovation to speed up, technological innovation, product innovation, concept innovation, marketing innovation, and management innovation.