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How to get away cervical spondylosis?

How to get away cervical spondylosis?


If you often feel that the shoulder pain, please note that cervical spondylosis is trying to attack you. Long desk for the work of the crowd, cervical spondylosis is showing a high trend. Cervical spondylosis is not only a chronic disease in the elderly, but also the young enemy. So, how to live away from cervical spondylosis it?


How to get away cervical spondylosis?


With age, people's body is gradually changing, a variety of diseases will endanger our health, long bones of our young skeletal worry about calcium is not enough, more than 30 years of age we began to worry about whether our stomach is serious Of alcohol and tobacco, but cervical spondylosis, regardless of age, against our health.


The small white-collar work, get more precursor disease of cervical spondylosis. Mainly because they work too much pressure, Fu An time is too long, causing excessive burden on the cervical spine, which affects the neck muscles, ligaments and joints, causing pain and numbness of shoulder and neck, limited mobility. So the accumulation of a period of time, cervical naturally a serious problem. Orthopedic experts say that in fact, long desk work, use of computers and driving a car, but also very easy for people suffering from cervical spondylosis.


Clinically, cervical spondylosis has a different type; can be divided into spinal cord, nerve root type, sympathetic, vertebral artery type. Once the disease, the patient's neck and shoulder pain, severe cases may even limb weakness, movement is not flexible. Some patients may contain two or more of these symptoms, which are mixed, but relatively rare.

Cervical spondylosis is not only muscle strain, and the structure of the cervical spine has changed, such as intervertebral disc problems.


Treatment of cervical disease need to be phased, but also vary, early patients can use hot compress, through the shoulder, neck warm to alleviate the disease; if the disease has developed to a certain stage, it should be in accordance with the doctor's recommendations, , Massage correction with the treatment. Usually with the rehabilitation instrument to do adjuvant therapy, such as: spectrum therapy instrument, the lamp treatment instrument, electromagnetic therapy instrument, such products can be, cervical disease, bone and joint diseases can play a role in rehabilitation.