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Decompression back belt(Auto pump)

Decompression back belt(Auto pump)
Decompression back belt(Auto pump)
  • Decompression back belt(Auto pump)
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Decompression back belt(Auto pump)



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China, Guangdong
Supply Ability
1000 pcs
Product Certification
Product feature

1. Feature: Inflate with automatic pump. There are 30 levels to help you choose. Each class corresponds to a different back pain. Inflate at a uniform rate to avoid the secondary effects on your back.

2.Application: Relief of the lumbar spine and recovery of lumbar spine injuries without medication or surgery. And it is safe to relieve pain without physical therapists.
3.Easy to use: Simply inflate and use easily. If necessary, support a video on how to use it.
4.Use it anytime, anywhere: cotton lining, convenient; Outside PU material, easy to care for; Easy and comfortable at home, in the office or at leisure.

5. An ideal Mother's Day gift: Take care of Mum's health, relieve the pain with the lumbar belt every day.

Product name: Decompression back belt(Auto pump)


Product name: Decompression Belt.

Article number: LY-QY05A / LY-QY05B

Product size: size A (suitable for 25 ~ 40 inches) / size B (suitable for 40 ~ 55 inches)

Belt extension length: A: 103.5 cm / W: 139 cm

Width before air injection: 15cm

Width after air injection: 20cm

Weight: A: 0.45 kg (belt only) / / B: 1.13 0.5 kg (belt only)


Outside: PU leather

Inside: cotton cloth

Air expansion chamber: 2 layers TPU

(Special flexible material)

Package: 1 * Brace, 1 * Auto Pump, 1 * USB Charger, 1 * User Manual

How to use:

After putting on the belt, use the automatic pump to inflate the belt. Press the "ON / OFF" button and then the "Start" button if you feel that this is sufficient for personal reasons. Then turn off the car pump and take out the pump. The automatic pumping device has a degree of inflation of 1-30. When it's 30, the bloat stops. If you want to continue pumping, you can turn the pump off and restart it and continue pumping.

If you have another usage question, we are at your disposal.

Question and answer :

Q: How long should I wear it?

A: If you wear the belt for 30 to 60 minutes, you can continue to wear it according to your personal feeling.

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