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Amazon”Global store” push forward Chinese medical apparatus “Go out”

Amazon”Global store” push forward Chinese medical apparatus “Go out”


"2017 Amazon Global Sellers Summit" in December 6th-7th in Xiamen International Convention and Exhibition Center kicked off. This is Amazon's largest seller's event in the world. Lingyuan is a company that has focused on developing and producing household medical devices for 10 years. With the sincere cooperation idea and the high quality as the king idea, facing the world, with the help of Amazon platform to enter the global market, to build the first brand of Chinese family therapy instrument.


Leawell as one of the outstanding domestic medical equipment manufacturers, after 10 years of domestic and foreign market deepening research, the latest development of decompression back belt, neck traction belt. TDP lamp such as high-face, high-tech intelligent home rehabilitation medical devices, with Amazon 123 operating centres and a mature cross-border logistics system. For 185 countries and 294 million active users, China Leawell high-tech, high-quality medical device products to businessmen from all over the world.


The summit, one of the most influential annual events in Amazon's global store business and the entire cross-border export ecommerce industry, coincided with the launch of its major strategic initiatives on 2018. Leawell to further expand the global market opportunities to provide reference and guidance, better in the new era of retail cross-border e-commerce transformation and upgrading.