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2016 year Chinese medical equipment import and export analysis

2016 year Chinese medical equipment import and export analysis


With the rapid development of China economy, Chinese medical equipment import and export market, has kept a growth trend actively. 2016 years, the global economic recovery situation has not improved significantly, and geopolitical policy tension, affect by currency depreciation and other factors, Chinese medical equipment volume of trade growth not obvious, amount of exports decline for the first time in five years of China. According to customs data, analysis deeply of 2016 Chinese medical equipment import and export situation, opportunities and challenges exist.

First, Chinese medical equipment import and export situation

According to customs data, the scale of 2016 year Chinese medical equipment import and export reach 38.91 billion US dollar, an increase only 1.1% on year-on-year basis, decrease 6.43% compare with 2015 years. Export amount 20.50 billion US dollar, decrease 3.14% on year-on-year basis, decrease 7.83% compare with 2015 year. The first time appear decline in recent five years; Import amount 18.405 billion US dollar, increase 6.28% on year-on-year basis, decrease 3.53% compare with 2015 year.

Second, export amplification decrease

In 2016, our country mainly export to 224 countries and regions of medical products , exports 20.505 billion US dollar, down 3.14%. Export volume grew 2.64%, export prices fell 5.63%, export situation shows the export volume increased, the price competition is more intense. The specific country, influenced by the weak external demand, high base and other factors, in China's top ten target market, in addition to China Hongkong, Britain, South Korea, India market increased slightly, other countries or regions market are declines in different extent. As second countries of Chinese medical equipment exports, Japan exports fell significantly, the main reason is the exchange rate fluctuation and consumption tax continued to increase caused to the problem of insufficient domestic demand further deterioration.

Third, import increase steadily

In 2016, Chinese medical import amount 18.405 billion US dollar, increase 6.28%, but decrease 3.53% compare with 2015. European still is our country medical device import first largest source region , import amount 6.808 billion US dollar, increase 2.6% on year-on-year basis, proportion 36.99%, almost equal to last year. The second largest source of imports, North American imports amount is 6.58 billion US dollar, an increase of 5.9%, down 6.53% compare with the same period in 2015. The third largest, Asian import 4.514 billion USD dollar, an increase of 7.41% on year-on-year basis, down 0.73 % compared with the same period in 2015. The three continents occupy 94.44% market share of import, an increase of 0.18% compared with 2015 .