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China medical equipment has been exported to 224 countries and regions

China medical equipment has been exported to 224 countries and regions


The director of China National Health Family Planning and Information Commission, Hou Yan said in Beijing recently , China total exports to 224 countries and regions of medical equipment in 2016, the coverage has expanded year by year. It is reported that, more than 27 provinces (area, city) in China formulated development plan or special planning of the health industry, health services .


Hou Yan said, overall look, China health industry has already started, also a good momentum of development, developing well and rapidly. In the first half year of 2017, the fixed assets investment of whole society health is 220 billion 935 million yuan (RMB, same below), an increase of 13.50%. The private fixed assets of health and social work investment is 128 billion 14 million yuan, an increase of 29.40%, amplification far higher than the private fixed asset investment of the third industry, which is more than 4 times over the same period of private fixed asset investment growth.

“Especially, the trend of social medical development is good ”Hou Yan said, at the end of May this year, China private hospital has reached 17 thousand, increase 1814 unit, the proportion of hospitals totality increased to 57.5%.


At the same time, China continue to strengthen scientific and technological innovation driven, the quality of health industry supply constantly improve, some high-end products supply capability has been enhanced. Hou Yan pointed out, in the field of imaging, China enterprises basically have research and development capability of full range product line, like CT, MRI, ultrasound and so on have been take large part of domestic high-end medical products. In 2016, China were exported medical equipment to 224 countries and regions , coverage has increased year by year, exports quantity increased 2.64%. New drug varieties development has achieved fairly good results.


It is said that the State Planning Commission will continue to expand social investment area, promote various new formats, new modes developing rapidly. At present, has identified 90 national pilot city which medical combined with health care, and vigorously promote the combination. In addition, will also promote the Internet sharing and business collaboration, and promote the big data applications development of healthy medical, promote the integration of information technology and health services in depth.