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China medical device industry need beat an “innovation war”

China medical device industry need beat an “innovation war”


   Recently, 《"13th Five-Year" medical science and technology innovation special planning》depend on direction “domestic made, high-end oriented, branding, internationalization ”, more focus on the fusion development of innovation chain, industrial chain and service chain, focus on service benefit the people in domestic, beat an “innovation war” among international competition. Department of science and technology, ministry of science technology and social development and medical department director, Zhang Zhaofeng,said “new plan purpose is to lead new generation of medical device developing rapidly”.

    Before “12th Five-Year” published, China medical device can use “gloomy” describe. People go to hospital, seeing most medical equipment are import products. High-end medical equipment rely on import, that’s main reason high cost of go to hospital.

    Nowadays the ability of strypped-down improving, many high-end products and core parts on top of international, but we need further strengthening make a breakthrough and innovate about the product configuration status of “mainly import”.


 Therefore, the disruptive frontier technology research become medical device business important sally port in the future, as well as important chance of China achieve corner overtaking. Zhang Zhaofeng said, The plannot only solve some technology problem which seize by the throat, more focus on future technology development of forward-looking layout, wish lead to medical device innovation through the disruptive frontier technology research, achieve great-leap-forward development.


The planrefer to, during "13th Five-Year", China going to develop technology research in vitro diagnostic medical imaging, biomedical materials, advanced treatment, rehabilitation nursing, health promotion ect six areas; layout new generation of intelligent health perception, callus induction and regeneration, medical artificial intelligence ect possible to leading future industry development and service mode of technology innovation. To seize the commanding heights of industry, is the important layout of medical device breakout.