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Acupuncture point detector device LY508

Acupuncture point detector device LY508


Leawell meridian pen popular in North America
Leawell company consecutive reception from North American customers Karl and June.on April 9, 10. In  the end of the conversation, we suddenly found that the company's  products meridian pen LY-508B, days moxibustion meridian instrument  LY-518B in North America by the majority of customers a high degree of  recognition. Then, and signed a letter of intent with the customer, involving a total of two products, the initial purchase of a part. Now the two sides are discussing the goods in the OEM design and production.
Meridian pen LY-508B is a popular in the last year of electronic acupuncture pens. It  can automatically find the acupuncture points, so that people do not  understand the acupuncture points can easily do the treatment, just  gently press the therapeutic key to stimulate acupuncture points, can  achieve the purpose of disease prevention and treatment. The moxibustion meridian instrument Y-518B is a unique design of the wireless remote control electronic equipment. It can let people's body from the wired control, enjoy massage therapy at the same time, but also enjoy other life's fun. For example, people can do acupuncture while cooking, while cooking. Giving people more unexpected uncomfortable experience.
In the vast talk that customers want to do 508B OEM OEM  production, and based on the North American and Australian markets,  where the high-end customers to customize a tailor-made for the local  market needs of family doctors.
Finally,  the customer also put forward some innovative ideas, try to put our  acupuncture pens and his acupuncture needles together. Praise  "Ling Yuan" acupuncture pen can eliminate the traditional acupuncture  acupuncture into the skin pain, and can have a good therapeutic effect. Talking between the ceaseless showing the love of acupuncture pen.