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TDP lamp,Spectrum treatment instrument, Rehabilitation of chronic musculoskeletal disorders

TDP lamp,Spectrum treatment instrument, Rehabilitation of chronic musculoskeletal disorders


TDP lamp treatment instrument. Also named as a specific electromagnetic therapy instrument, more precisely, it is mainly confined to the infrared therapy. The far-spectrum instrument is electromagnetic radiation therapy instrument, with broadband characteristics, 3T multi-spectrum technology. Involved in visible light, full-band infrared and extended to mm (faint).


Lamps and spectrum of the two instruments are by way of direct exposure to the role of the human body, to achieve therapeutic purposes. It can be used in some chronic diseases, especially in the adjuvant treatment of chronic osteoarthritis, such as chronic osteoarthritis (OA), Lumbar muscle strain, soft tissue injury. TDP lamp "can help the body's metabolism, to treat dysmenorrhea, hemorrhoids and other dozens of human and animal diseases.


"The lamp" is the major hospitals in the country commonly used medical equipment, but also exported to Europe and the United States. In 2009 the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the "lamp" for: temporary relief of muscle and joint mild pain and stiffness, arthritis-related mild pain; temporarily increase the local blood circulation; muscle relaxation; Muscle cramps, mild sprains and mild back muscle pain.


The exogenous heat generated by these instruments generally has a relatively superficial effect on the human body. Only when the instrument is in close proximity to the skin, the instrument emits light with an energy level reaching the UV level to have a certain effect on the body, but the infrared level light does not have the energy.


Note that infants and young children, patients with high fever, bleeding tendency, sensory impairments and critically ill patients should prohibit the use of spectrum therapy, with pacemaker parts should not be used. In the course of operation must pay attention to prevent electric injury, burns.