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Six “tips” of leawell electromagnetic treatment instrument

Six “tips” of leawell electromagnetic treatment instrument


Electromagnetic therapy instrument is selected according to the human body harmless electromagnetic waves of biological effects of the success of a new home health care equipment. Under the action of a certain temperature, can produce information with dozens of elements of the energy of electromagnetic waves, so the disease treatment and adjuvant therapy. It has to promote human metabolism, improve blood circulation (blood circulation) anti-inflammatory analgesic, antidiarrheal, regulating physiological function and so on.

Leawell electromagnetic therapy instrument is a national medical equipment "prospective" size, a number of national patents, the EU medical device CE certified treatment. It is the traditional infrared therapy and microwave therapy instrument difference is that the electromagnetic therapeutic apparatus is selected out of more than thirty kinds of human body is not a lack of elements to disordered poly and body, crystalline oxide and elemental element And other material-shaped S-state, with a special production process, made of a patented composite coating plate, "3T multi-peak spectrum treatment plate," the shape of the triangular particles to launch area than the traditional treatment plate increased 3 times . At the same time, the treatment plate contains elements by the power into heat to a certain temperature, resulting in a different wavelength and different energy integrated electromagnetic wave, just the body's own release of integrated electromagnetic wave coincidence, which is easily absorbed by the body Storage, the absorption of electromagnetic waves can promote instability in the human body structure (such as death cells, lesion dimer, etc.) disintegration, enhance the body's own regulatory mechanisms are immune, so that patients can slowly reduce the pain or rehabilitation.

The usage of electromagnetic therapy instrument six tips:

           (1) To ensure that the use of efficacy, the use of electromagnetic therapy apparatus with high-frequency high-frequency equipment to avoid interference with, to avoid interference.

   (2) in the humid environment or long-term placement and then enabled, you need to use the weak preheat for 3 minutes, the power to wait 3 to 4 minutes, repeat 2 times the best use of work.

   (3) The instrument must be cut off when cleaning the power supply, and then wipe with a clean cloth, not volatile liquid contact with the instrument surface, if the instrument damp water, must be promptly cut off the power, the professionals can continue to use after treatment.

   (4) irradiation distance should not be too close, or prone to skin burns, usually 10 to 20 cm, warm feeling comfortable to the affected area is appropriate. Usually 1 day irradiation, each time to 30 minutes is appropriate.

   (5) If the individual patients with ants when walking, thermal hemp, hypnosis, or a slight increase in short-term conditions such as the phenomenon, similar to the reaction is normal, but still need to observe the use of timely consultation with the doctor, in order to avoid adverse effects .

   (6) To ensure safety, the use of hand-held protective cover and protective net shall not be used to avoid burns. After use, turn off the power, to prevent strong vibration, damp, pay attention to protect the paint layout.