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Leawell Spectrum device, treat the disease

Leawell Spectrum device, treat the disease


In a twinkling of an eye to July. Dog days is coming, winter disease summer rule in our ears more and more frequent, but probably a lot of friends still can not specifically say the concept of winter disease summer rule it. Here we work together to understand the next bar!

First, what is the "winter disease"?

Winter disease is easy in the winter attack, often attack the disease or discomfort. Manifested in: respiratory system, digestive system, reproductive system, osteoarthritis.

Specifically, "winter disease," the vulnerable population mostly Deficiency of physical, that is, the saying goes that there is no firepower. The usual symptoms: cold hands and feet, chills like hi. Afraid of the wind afraid of the cold, Shen Yi easy to sleep, etc., Chinese medicine called yang deficiency, that is, their own calories (energy) is not enough, lack of heat production, cold from the endogenous. Such people even in the summer, sleep should be covered with blankets, wearing long - sleeved pajamas, wearing socks.

Second, what is the "winter disease" summer cure.

Winter disease summer is the traditional Chinese medicine in accordance with the natural changes in the human body to calculate the blood running in each solar terms change, and thus develop a traditional treatment. According to the "spring and summer Yang Yang" principle, due to strong yang in summer, the human yang has reached the peak of the four seasons, especially the dog days, the skin open, choose acupoints, drugs most likely to penetrate the meridians from the skin, Blood directly to the disease, so in the winter treatment of winter disease, often can achieve the best results. If the drug treatment in remission, can inspire righteousness, enhance disease resistance, so as to achieve disease prevention, treatment purposes.

Third, the "winter disease" Why summer cure?

Winter disease in patients with energy deficiency, winter unfavorable row of cold; summer energy growth, pores open conducive to row cold; winter disease summer prevention, disease from the cold, cold in the summer. According to the "spring and summer Yang" principle, the winter disease in the summer eradication and prevention.

Because "winter disease" in patients with partial Deficiency, coupled with a winter environment, ice, two cold attack, there is no possibility of thawing. So in the winter treatment of cold disease, like a rainy day to dry clothes, it is very difficult. However, in the midst of the summer, the outside world is hot sun, which is the Firelight Masamori, when the cold hiding in the back of the bladder and joints, the most vulnerable to be driven out. But if the yang weakness, which did not promote the power, will miss the good opportunity of row of cold. Coupled with a lot of people, the body has some yang deficiency, summer and then drink to drink, and then all day in the air-conditioned room to work, it is Chen Han did not go, add new cold. Keep in mind that chill is deposited. And the body was cold invasion of the place, will be blood stasis, which is called "cold coagulation stagnation." If the cold to stay in the joints, it will produce pain, stay in the organs on the easy to produce tumor, stay in the meridian will make the meridian blockage, blood is also popular, not only the limbs are not warm, often have hands and feet numb Symptoms appear. So if not remove the cold in the summer, until the autumn together, when the cold outside to come back, it will be trapped inside and outside the.

The Spectacular Treatment of Naturopathy - Spectrum Therapy.

Naturopathy refers to the medical system, which is characterized by natural and conformable nature, which is relative to chemical medicine therapy, and aims at improving the disease resistance, curing and health care of the human body.

Natural medicine is a major feature of natural law refers to the use of nature to provide the material, resources, environment, conditions, such as forest, sun, sea, hot springs, air and flowers, trees, fruits and vegetables, Completely abandon the chemical, which ensures its safety, and now the popular saying "green therapy", it is summed up the characteristics of it.

The second major feature is to adapt to nature, that is, in accordance with the laws of nature, conditioning the body's imbalance in order to restore the natural nature of the human body. Spectrum therapy, compared with drug therapy, non-toxic, non-side effects of the advantages and safety, convenience, no harm, it will be  the family health care the best choice.