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Laser therapeutic device
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Laser therapeutic device
Laser therapeutic device
  • Laser therapeutic device

Laser therapeutic device



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Product name: Laser therapeutic device
Product Type: Laser treatment device

LY-218A laser treatment device(laser semiconductor treatment device)

Product Features :( working principle)

Most of the laser technology products are used in hospitals, simple operation, is the most widely used green therapy. Laser treatment LY-218 series is the application through physical effects of low energy laser transducer theory, single / double-headed and multiple output wavelength of 650nm, 5mW output power semiconductor laser irradiation, while both sides of the nasal cavity and any part of the body, so hemorrheology and improve microcirculation.   Meanwhile, intranasal irradiation can stimulate the sympathetic and parasympathetic nasal cavity, make nasal vasoconstriction, expansion, and thus reflex caused by cerebral blood circulation and improve blood circulation in the body, to the rehabilitation of patients with cerebral infarction, hyperlipidemia heart adjuvant therapy of cerebral vascular diseases. Leawell LY-218A high-end portable semiconductor laser treatment, fashion design, high-end. LY-218A as a single output. Leawell Laser treatment is through the body of the nose, hands and other parts at the same time treat. High blood cholesterol, high blood pressure have a good effect of adjuvant therapy, known as "pocket Doctor."

Product parameters:

Product Name: semiconductor laser treatment instrument

Product Name: laser treatment

Item Number: LY-218A

Product Specifications: 66x112x15mm

Rated voltage / frequency: a.c 220V ~ 50HZ d.c 4.5V

laser output power: ≤5mw

Laser output wavelength: 650nm


Product packaging specifications:235x187x50mm

LY-218A Laser treatment device (portable) Product Features:

●Medical Laser;

● Compact design, pocket doctor.


●Applicable to hospitals, pharmacies, experience shop, beauty salon, family day care and so on


●Before starting the first laser head inserted into the nostril, or the therapy device worn on the left wrist.

●Initial use should choose laser output power of 2 to 3 stalls stalls.

●Each shot sooner or later times, each time interval of 12 hours.

●Each course of 15 days, 7 days of rest before the next course of treatment.

●Do not look directly into the laser turned on or through optical instruments (binoculars, telescopes, microscopes, etc.) at close range directly viewing beam or links to other people.

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