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Far infrared therapy house
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Far infrared therapy house
Far infrared therapy house
  • Far infrared therapy house
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Far infrared therapy house



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LY-808JZ(Diamond type)is Spectrum treatment house in the selection of high-quality timber hemlock.Features nine of the world of high-end technology 3T multimodal treatment efficiency board,through special surface treatment,particle board bump emit more energy than that,a large area of exposure, exposure can be full within the function of the body.Through human intelligence panel, just simply touch key to complete the operation. On the basis of the spectrum of biological research,after nearly 30 years of extensive, it has been developed to the level of molecular biology.Experts of Photograpic,Chemistry,Insitutue of Basic Medical Sciences, Chinese medicine and other units of the verification results showed:bio-spectrum technology for organic chemistry and biochemistry,immuune function and Blood and other biological phenomena,have a regulatory role for there is a certain gene expression regulation. Four biological efficiency of Leawell brand far infrared therapeutic house are:to improve blood circulation, regulating the nervous and endocrine system,enhance immune function,promote metabolism.Covering the body of the function to correct the pathological factors of need, and spectrum technology unique two-way adjustment,can promote the rehabilitation of various diseases, safe and efficient.

Warm up for 5 minutes before use far infrared therapeutic house

Take off the watch, metal jewelry during treatment

1 time daily. 30 mins per time. ( available for before and after meals 30 mins)

Temperature should not be too high when the treatment. In summer 35 degrees, 38 degrees in winter is appropriate



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