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Aging increasingly serious, chronic disease market demand-driven

Aging increasingly serious, chronic disease market demand-driven


According to the China Health Statistical Yearbook data show that the incidence of chronic diseases over the age of 65 in the range of 52% to 98%, 55-64 years old between the incidence of chronic diseases in the range of 38% to 58%, the main chronic diseases crowd. The 35-54-year-old chronic disease prevalence data show that the proportion of people over this age group has more than 10% of chronic diseases.


Three categories of medical equipment or will benefit


Heart stent field

Cardiovascular disease on the heart caused great pressure, the most easily lead to heart disease, and heart disease greatly slowed the role of stent, is the ideal treatment, the use of the medical field more and more widely. China's stent in the field of development of the heart is not bad, the level of close to the international level, the future is expected to gradually replace the import, its development prospects are more optimistic.

Cardiac pacemaker, which is often used in the treatment of heart disease, medical equipment, the current market in China is also monopolized by foreign companies, domestic products only occupy a very small share, but with the state's encouragement policy is expected from the volume.


Prevention testing


This is mainly for diabetes, in vitro diagnostic coherent equipment and testing reagents of the future demand is very large, not only in diabetes, in other medical fields are also touched, is expected to have great room for development. Such as POCT on-site rapid detection, in vitro diagnosis of an emerging sub-sectors. This term sounds strange, but a mention of blood glucose meter we are all familiar with. Current POCT has been able to detect multiple indicators, including blood glucose, blood gas / electrolyte, coagulation, cardiac / tumor markers, drug / alcohol testing. With the advent of immunochromatography, colloidal gold technology, electro-luminescence, time-resolved fluorescence, biosensor technology and biochip technology, the development of POCT has also been a strong pillar.


Wearable equipment

With the aging of the increasingly serious, timely detection of the disease and the state will monitor the patient's health is particularly important. Wearable equipment can meet this need.

This device combines large data analysis with continuous medical monitoring data that not only alerts the disease, but also provides recommendations for care such as optimal timing, exercise and sleep to stabilize the condition, and so on. At present, China is in the high incidence of chronic diseases, the large number of high cost, demand has become the characteristics of this period, but also indirectly lead to a doctor-patient disputes. The wearable medical equipment real-time data monitoring allows patients to be able to regulate their own diet and exercise, can reduce the number of medical treatment and hospitalization.