Leawell has a strong research team,  holds the core technology of the spectrum, has technology advantage, product quality advantage.

Core strengths

1. Leawell holds the core technology of the spectrum.
2. Focusing on technology research and development and manufacturing spectrum with over 10 years.
3. A unique, 3T multi-peak spectral efficiency patented core technologies.
4. Focusing on rehabilitation equipment development and production.

R & D team
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Brand strengths

We focus on rehabilitation equipment, we only produce therapy devices for  hospital and family use for over 10 years.

The product advantages

Our product’s types and categories are complete,diverse,and have functional diversification, suitable for a variety of sales channels (rehabilitation hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, wholesale medical equipment, medical equipment stores, beauty shops, experience store, health clubs ),to meet the health needs of various families. Because we are more professional,we can gain customer’s trusts.

R & D Center

Quality advantage

10 years of professional quality, spectrum expert, our company had passed the ISO quality management system certification, ISO13485 medical device quality management system certification and the European Union CE certification, and other medical devices. Because we focus on the quality,our quality is more stable. We also have a complete service system, offering our customers better service.

Company advantages

Because our focus attitude, we have a higher value. We has a strong independent research team, and we have a professional group from Tianjin University, Yanshan University, Dalian University of Technology experts, professors and other science research partners.We gained more than 20 patents, 10-year-spectrum technology research and development, manufacturing experience. We are a professional company with our own brand, research and development, factory, manufacturing and marketing integration.

Production line


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