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2017 year-end group travel, welcome the new year of Leawell company

2017 year-end group travel, welcome the new year of Leawell company


In 2017, we successfully completed the 2017 annual plan with efforts of all members of Leawell. In order to thank for our colleagues for making unremitting efforts and contributions for the development of Leawell , we had organized excellent staff delegations to travel to Guangxi to share development results and increase their well - being. 

The tourism activities have been strongly supported by the general manager and management. From the start to confirm the travel agency and to the arrangement of tourist attractions and travel itineraries, a wide range of recommendations are collected and carefully prepared, which will allow you to relax and relax in this journey .

On December 24 , the company organized the excellent staff representative to Guangxi Yangsuo tourism, along the road scenic beauty. On the journey of the Lijiang Rive , all of the river scenery, the water, the mountain, stone made everyone flow together. In the days of the journey, all of the people feelling in the picture. This year end tourism not only relieves the workers ' working stress and tension , but also edifies the sentiment , improves the self - cultivation , strengthens the team cohesiveness , and fully displays the enterprise spirit of Leawell.