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Far infrared Therapy House common Check

Far infrared Therapy House common Check.

      (1)  short-circuit equipment or fuse blown: A, check the short-circuit  current is consistent with its requirements; B, to determine whether the  same circuit too much electrical overload; C, replace the same  specifications fuse.
       (2) the light does not shine: A, to determine the connection of the roof-related plug; B, replace the lamp.
       (3)  After the spectrum board is not heated: A, open the lower right front  panel power box wood cover (from the inside), check the base of the wire  plug and the relevant socket connection; B, remove the sitting plate,  check the power hand Connection to socket.
       (4)  There is no frequency spectrum plate temperature before and after the  board temperature: This is determined by design requirements, not the  fault phenomenon, sitting board spectrum board is working properly.
       (5)  spectrum therapy device power: A, check the main power plug and cable  outlet; B, open the lower right front of the power box wood cover (from  the inside). Ensure that the plug at the end of the main power cord is properly connected.

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