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Heating medium frequency lumbar therapy device
Heating medium frequency lumbar therapy device
  • Heating medium frequency lumbar therapy device

Heating medium frequency lumbar therapy device



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China, Guangdong
Security type
Class Ⅰ BF type
Supply Ability
1000 pcs
Product Certification
ISO CE Technology Paten
Product name: Heating medium frequency lumbar therapy device
Product Type: Multifunction physiotherapy instrument
Product Specifications: 423x292x88mm
Rated voltage : AC 110V 120V 220V 230V 50/60 HZ
Frequency: 0-150Hz
Application: Rehabilitation Centre/ Clinics/ beauty parlor/ pharmacy/ home
Treatment site: Lumbar, back, waist

LY-528C warmed low/medium frequency lumbar therapy device

Product feature

Using the low frequency modulation of the medium frequency current, the body would not produce discomfort feeling, enjoy pushing, holding, pressing, squeezing, pulling, knocking and other feelings to humanoid massage techniques. Rich treatment wave forms: well-wave, sharp wave, sine wave, triangle wave, sawtooth wave, fan-shaped wave, exponential wave ,rich and varied waveform combination to achieve the best results.6 levels of alternative diathermy function, promote blood circulation.High security: Using medium frequency therapy into muscle rather strongly irritating to the skin; no electrolytic action, thus allowing striated muscle contraction occurs without causing intense pain, no harm to the skin,will make you feel comfortable.Applicable to lumbar disc herniation, lumbar pain, lumbar muscle strain disease.

Product parameters:

Product name:Warmed low/medium frequency

tem number: LY-528C

lumbar therapy device

Specifications: 423x292x88mm

Security Type: Class Ⅰ BF

Rated voltage / frequency: ac 220V ~ 50HZ

maximum output current of no more than: 100mA

Output interface: a low/medium frequency output

middle frequency: 2KHz-10KHz

Low-frequency: 0-150Hz

Ambient temperature: + 10 ~ + 40 ° C


products packing:

Product Features:

● Warm + Low/medium frequency.

● Closed loop output.

● Wireless Control.

● Voice prompts.


●Lumbar disc herniation, lumbar pain, muscle strain


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